All artwork for this issue are paintings by Esteban Ocampo-Giraldo, who was born in Manizales, Colombia in 1987. He studied Visual Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, where he graduated in 2012. He started his MFA in Painting at the New York Academy of Art, finishing his studies in 2015 and graduating as a Chubb Fellow for the upcoming 2015-2016 year. Esteban has shown his work in numerous cities all over the United States, as well as some countries in Europe and Latin America. He is represented by ZieherSmith Gallery and Gitler &___ Gallery, both in New York City, were Esteban currently lives and works.

"Combining visual references from life and photographs, and using my imagination, I recreate my memories and everyday experiences as they feel and look inside my head. My paintings can’t be placed in a particular day, month or year of my life, nor can they be understood as a literal, recognizable moment.

Since I moved to New York in 2013, I have come to deeply appreciate my South American and Colombian upbringing.  Through painting, I integrate memory, experience and imagination into work that recognizes the humor, connection and loss in everyday life."

—Esteban Ocampo-Giraldo

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