He wants to take my picture

but he’s unsure whether or not

my stomach should be included.

I’m pregnant.

It’s no secret.

My puffy face is a little pregnant too.

No matter where his camera

cuts my baby off,

the final shot will have a baby in it.


He moves me outside.

Sunlight, tall grass, wildflowers –

maybe he sees me

as some kind of earth mother.

I can just imagine his thoughts.

“So what if she’s no longer pretty.

She’s giving in a different way –

like the soil, like the sun.

She’s part of the landscape.”

I take that in

and still find the strength to smile.


He’s an amateur photographer -

on the lookout for local color,

is how he puts it.

I’m local.

I’m color in his eyes.

So what if I’m expecting a baby.

He snaps away

for as long as we’re willing to pose.


Juanita Rey is a Dominican poet who has been in this country five years. Her work has been published in  Pennsylvania English, Harbinger Asylum, Petrichor Machine and Madcap Poets.