Are you frightened still,


or has this all led to one big



Of course, I give up guessing

one day, kneel and beg

the next.


Isn’t that the living I’ve known—


some inarguable

reason leaps from the trees

and presents itself


every god damn morning,


and there I am, half-dazed

on my way to work,


chewing the crispest apple?


There are no ghosts, or at least

no hauntings. Not here.


Not here in the past where everything

believes—and rightly so—


someday it will shine.

IMG_4198 (Edited).JPG

Travis Truax grew up in Virginia and Oklahoma and spent most of his twenties working in various national parks out west. A graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University, his work has appeared or is forthcoming in SalamanderQuarterly WestThe PinchRaleigh Review and Bird's Thumb. He lives in Bozeman, Montana.