At my ear, left ear, a moth

      won’t brush away.

Floating blur, white wing,

      friend or foe of my face,


      We are going out walking, we’re going.


A bit of fluff, a whiff

      of paper, small white sound,

a foot-caught bird. What is it,

      floating here, white blur?


      We are going out walking.

      Tell them, tell them, we’re going.


White hair of my head,

      white wing at my eye,

Whatever you tell me

      to do I do.


      We are going out walking,

            Tell them, tell them, we’re going.

Molly Tenenbaum’s books include Mytheria (Two Sylvias Press 2017), The Cupboard ArtistNowBy a Thread, and the artist book/chapbook collaboration with artist Ellen Zeigler, Exercises to Free the Tongue. Molly’s banjo recordings are Instead of a Pony  and Goose & Gander. She teaches at North Seattle College and Dusty Strings Music School. Find her at