Ahora entiendo

la actualidad del asunto,

porque mis pensamientos

se terminan con enredos.

Eres un poema inconcluso

donde la pluma

ya no cabe en mis dedos.




Now I understand

the reality of the situation,

why my thoughts

wind up tangled in knots.

You are the unfinished poem

that lingers—but the pen

no longer fits my fingers.





Lupita Eyde-Tucker was raised in New Jersey and Guayaquil, Ecuador.  She writes and translates poetry in English and Spanish, has studied poetry at Bread Loaf, is a Fellow at The Watering Hole, and was selEcted as a Spring 2018 AWP Writer to Writer Mentee. Her poems have appeared in Naugatuck River Review, Glass Mountain, Baltimore Review, Muse/A Journal, Nashville Review, and are forthcoming in Azahares. In 2017 she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her poems can be found on her website: