Dec. 2 2010, Emure-Ekiti

The sun broke in through
the pores on the panes of the windows—

a new day. I do house chores: wipe yesterday's
fingers out of the plates, spoons and cups.  

Sweep out legs made of sand
from the apartment.

The rest in the house are spirits: 
you, your sister and her husband.

The morning's task pushed into my past, 
I call, and you turn human: 

yawning and stretching on beds. 
I button up my shirt, 

zip up my trousers and wear sunglasses
over my fears, and set for classes.

My school-bag stuck to my back, 
my outstretched fingers wave 

like blades of a standing fan. 
I step into God’s bright gaze. My name 

trapped inside your sick voice: 
I turn my head back to you,

my last duty as your son.  


D.M. Aderibigbe was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He came to the United States for graduate studies in 2015 and received his MFA in Creative Writing from Boston University as a BU Fellow, and he was also awarded a Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship. He is a recipient of a scholarship from the Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown and fellowships from The James Merrill House, OMI International Arts Center, Ucross Foundation and Jentel Foundation. His chapbook is In Praise of our Absent Father.